Giulia Mulè “MondoMulia”


Mondomulia is a global destination blog for all things baking, coffee and travel. Giulia Mule is the face behind the flavours; combining her passion for food, photography and travel all in one delicious space of the web.

Giulia’s passion for culinary creation sees her leading bespoke recipe creation for global brands to regional favourites.  Authentic dishes for all to enjoy whatever the palate are an essential ingredient to Mondomulia. Coffee lovers can read Giulia’s features on Sprudge, the global hub for coffee culture, whilst her famous Brunch Club sessions send Instagrammers eager to try the places she and her collective visit around London.

When her schedule allows, Giulia travels as much as she can whether it’s a city rich with culture her readers need to discover too, or a Swedish coffee house we need to know about, Mondomulia curates and shares each experience in style with wonderful insights to each post.

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